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AVCI was set up with the purpose of delivering high quality veterinary services at a reasonable but affordable cost.
To meet this goal, in-house laboratories were put up to support our evidence-based veterinary practice. Workplaces were connected to a digital cloud and a customized veterinary software was installed per station.
On 30-July 2007, AVCI had its maiden operation. Now with 2 branches full of competent and friendly staff, we are happy to partner with you and your pet.

AVCI discourages over-vaccinating pets such as the giving of 4 shots of DHLPPi (5-in-1) at 2-weeks interval, and especially the giving of unnecessary non-core vaccines such as canine coronavirus, feline leukemia virus & feline immunodeficiency virus.


Disease diagnosis & treatment.


RFID 34.2 kHz 12*2mm.

Parasite Control

Heart & fecal worms, ticks & fleas.

Eye Services

Tonometry, Schirmer test, etc.

Cardiac Services

ECG, BP, vascular doppler, etc.


PCV, RBC, WBC, hemoglobin, MCV, MCH, MCHC, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, etc.


Dog (Parvovirus, Distemper, Heartworm, Ehrlichia), Cat (Leukemia, Panleukopenia, Immunodeficiency Virus), Vaccine Efficiency Check

Soft Tissue Surgeries

Mastectomy, tumor removal, spaying, neutering, caesarian section, ovariohysterectomy for pyometra, aural hematoma repair, ear cropping, enucleation, temporary tarsorrhaphy, prolapsed third eyelid gland tuck, rectal prolapse repair, umbilical hernia repair, anal sac resection, subtotal penile amputation, prescrotal urethrestomy, cystotomy, etc.

Vaccination Services

Rabies, 5-in-1, PCH, fungal, etc.

Travel Certificates

Local & abroad health docs.

Skin Services

Skin scraping, trichogram, etc.

Ear Services

Otoscopy, ear swabs, etc.

Dental Services

Prophylaxis & extraction.

Clinical Chemistry

Creatinine, BUN, ALT, total protein, albumin, glucose, sodium, potassium, calcium.


Urine protein:urine creatinine (UPC), sediments (struvites, oxalate), proteinuria, specific gravity, urobilinogen, nitrites, ketones, pH, blood, leukocytes, glucose.


Swine & poultry.

Feed Formulation

Swine & poultry.